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Sideslip Software currently provides Android based Assistance Software Solutions for VFR and IFR Pilots in the US and parts of Canada.  This softwar is accessible via the Android Market application.

Terms of Servcice are located at this URL (Terms Of Service)
NOTE: this software has not been approved by the FAA for purposes of Navigation, and therefore is not to be used as such.

This product allows a Pilot and any other Weather enthusiast to view both current weather conditions as well access to FAA and NOAA weather information for Pilots.    (METAR's/TAF's,  Radar, Icing, Turbulence, Surface Charts,   Satellite and more).   This software also enables access to both D-TPP / Approach charts / IFR Enroute and other VFR charts (VFR Sectionals and TAC's).    VFR Sectionals and TAC's do require PilotWxChartJrPlusAccess 2011, which can be installed for free from the Android Market.
Much of the access data (charts and weather related information)  is cached on your access device allowing full access to pre-flight cached data while not connected to the internet.  Cached Charts and Weather information is checked and flagged when your cached data needs updating to have the latest information at your fingertips whether you're online or somewhere far from an internet connection.
This application is available from  the Anrdoid Market only.


PilotWxChartJrPlus Access 2011
This product works in concert with PilotWxChartJr to give you access to TAC and VFR Sectional data which is supported by a seperate backend database.  This Product does is not a stand alone solution and must be used in conjunction with PilotWxChartJr.  It ensures you have been allocated credentials to support access to the Sectionals and TAC's.   Charts are updated bi-monthly as the FAA releases new charts.
This application suppliment is available from the Anrdoid Market only.




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Last modified:  June 01, 2011